Behind alma turquesa, lies a story of striving, of searching for oneself, of dreams and above all, of feelings.

I have always felt the need to surround myself with things I love.

My path was marked by the love for beautiful things from a very early age, where creativity and design were always present in my family. This was probably what led me to study graphic design at Elisava, and what in time brought me to retrain as a knitwear fashion designer. Touching and feeling the threads, the colours and above all, the textures, opened up a new world for me, full of new challenges and ideas that have kept me going for more than 20 years.

But life is evolution and with clay, I unexpectedly discovered a new passion.

For me, pottery is a form of meditation; it allows me to connect, focus attention on my hands and on the clay its caressing, and as I learn from it, I learn about myself.

Every piece is unique and is born out of a unique moment. I don’t like making repetitive pieces, I like experimenting

Pottery has taught me to be aware and to take care of fragility, and it has showed me that fragility is not weakness, it’s sensitvity. It’s the soul.

Throughout the journey, here, in silence, I am.

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